Delight and Excite

Appealing to patrons’ preferences

It’s all about what patrons want – and their preferences are as diverse as they are. But they all have one thing in common: Today’s patrons choose how, when and what they eat.

Trend-Forward Insight

Serving a nation of “clockless” snackers will require a more flexible, accommodating tabletop. Libbey’s trendy and timeless tableware and a reserve of smaller bowls and dinnerware for sharing can make the job easier. Add a range of casual-to-cocktail-hour glassware and you’ll be ready for anyone, any time.


Our grab-and-go culture is creating a nation of noshers. Patrons prefer small, satisfying bites – think expanded appetizer menus and the tapas craze – where small plates are meals.

Drive loyalty and business – let Libbey help you set the table for higher profits.

A Wine of the Times

Boomers drink wine more frequently and now favor Cabs and Merlots. Millennials are drinking, too, but reject the 100-point scale, selecting affordable labels based on narratives and personal connections.

Update your wine offerings with what wine lovers of any age want now.