Rewarding Presentations

Plating up profits by the new rules

The rules of dining are changing. Today, dining is an event and patrons expect to be entertained. They want a shareable memory or a show-and-tell moment. And, when it’s not an event, it’s an opportunity to multitask. Once a sacred space, mealtime now is combined with other activities to carve more time out of the day.

Trend-Forward Insight

Today’s establishments must be ready to “wow” both ends of the format spectrum. They must stock oversized bowls and platters to plate plentiful presentations that command top dollar while “one-upping” in-room, bar, lobby and restaurant presentations to accommodate solo diners. Libbey’s dinnerware, drinkware and serveware can give tabletops flexibility and chefs more creative freedom.

Home-style Fare

Large-format dining is back. With a “feels-like-Thanksgiving” vibe, patrons pass heaping bowls and eye-popping platters, helping themselves just like home. Everyone – from brides to party planners – is embracing it.

Culinary creativity is a smart investment when paired with versatile Libbey tableware.

Solo Diners

Eating alone is becoming a social norm. Patrons grab lunch or dinner with their smartphones, eating on their terms.

Send your plates out to oohs, ahhs and applause with Libbey.